Key Functionality: Audit Scheduling

MKinsight has a powerful Scheduling system that allows Audits within an Annual Plan to be scheduled over any time horizon (see image 1).

The Scheduling system makes use of drag and drop Gantt charts to allocate Audits over a defined Period (see image 2). Members of the Audit Team can then be allocated to each Audit (perhaps having been selected from the information in their Electronic CV e.g. language skills etc). MKinsight automatically shows any conflicts for each member of the Audit Team (note: individual Audit Team members can be booked over varying periods and not just the period indicated for the whole Audit to accommodate situations where a planning phase may take several weeks before fieldwork commences).

MKinsight provides full version control over the Schedule with on-line access for each member of the Audit Team.

Scheduling also allows those planning the work to see the planned and actual productivity of each member of the Audit team as well as the Team as a whole. This is shown in percentage terms and combines both planned and actual time from timesheets.

Scheduling can be used with a wide variety of approaches, some using Scheduling to simply reflect what is going on at any point in time - other teams use Scheduling as a formal process whereby Auditors cannot begin working on an Audit unless it has been officially Scheduled - these are examples of the options and choices that each team can choose from.