Key Functionality: MKinsight™ ERM Welcome

MKinsight ERM is the next generation of Enterprise Risk Management Software with its use a fully on-line and highly flexible ERM methodologies. MKinsight ERM is:
  • Easy to use with an exceptional configurable user interface
  • VERY FLEXIBLE METHODOLOGIES enabling risk team to work with their own approach
  • Flexible and scalable pricing for teams of one to several thousand
  • Scalable for small and large teams alike
  • Fully online enabling collaboration for local and worldwide risk teams
  • Full secure hosting service available
  • Trusted by companies and governments around the World
  • Available in a wide range of languages
  • An "out-of-the box" solution with a very wide range of configuration options
  • Straightforward simple implementation
  • World Class support
  • "Planet MK" Global User Forum for free information and knowledge sharing
  • State of the art on-line flash video training and support

Designed to meet the needs of your Risk Team - contact us today for more information.