Key Functionality: Documenting Risks

Risks can be documented in MKinsight with a wide variety of information in a set of unlimited fields.  The names of ALL fields are fully configurable and typical fields include (but are not limited to):

  • Risk Name
  • Risk Description
  • Reference
  • Reassessment Period
  • Risk Statuses
  • Risk Levels
  • Impact Categories
  • Primary Owner
  • Secondary Owner
  • Objectives
  • Related Risks
  • Unlimited Number Of Free Text Fields
  • Proposed Controls
  • Actual Controls
  • Standard Controls
  • Actions
  • Etc...

Note: any fields can be hidden if not required in order to keep the View clean and simple to use and in addition ALL fields can be made mandatory or non-mandatory.

Also MKinsight keeps a full reportable history and audit trail of any and all changes to Risks within the system.