Key Functionality: Time & Expense Recording

MKinsight provides comprehensive Time and Expenses Recording capabilities with the facility for Users to complete weekly timesheets.  Time and Expenses can be recorded against either Audits or Non Audit activities such as travel, training, sickness etc (see image 1). 

The list of Non Audit codes is fully definable within MKinsight which provides for an unlimited list of Non Audit Codes.  Individual Non Audit activities can also be given a special status which requires the User to enter an explanation as to why they used that activity.

Time can be recorded in either hours and minutes or decimalized hours and there is flexi-time capability which is optional and can be turned off if not required.

Time and Expenses Reporting includes a full Flexi-Time system if required.  In addition an "auto-populate" function will, if asked, fill in your timesheet with jobs / codes from your last time sheet should you have remained on the same Audit(s) from one week to the next.

In addition, MKinsight will allow for long term absences by allowing several timesheets to be auto populated at once (e.g. long term sickness, maternity leave, paternity leave etc.).

Time and Expense sheets can be self approved if allowed or more normally they can go through an approval process within MKinsight and you can define who can approve whose timesheets – this is useful if the Audit Team is broken up into smaller teams.

The Time and Expenses recorded against both Audits and Non Audit activities is automatically fed into all Performance Reporting throughout MKinsight, which includes a wide array of detailed reporting with extensive filtering capabilities.

All on screen reports can be printed and, or exported to Excel (see image 2).