Key Functionality: Comprehensive Reporting

MKinsight has very comprehensive reporting capability which includes:

Templated Reports

The User, and or Morgan Kai, can develop report templates that make use of any data fields within MKinsight (including Meta Data).  These report templates are often used for things such as Draft Audit Reports, Exit or Close Meeting Reports and Terms of Reference / Scoping documents (see image 1).  Reports generated in this way can be produced in .docx (Word), .rtf, .pdf, .xlsx and .csv formats (see image 2).

Graphical Reports

By making use of MKinsight’s unique Scoring Technology (see Electronic Working Papers section), MKinsight provides Users with a whole range of graphical reports which are capable of being filtered in many different ways to enable the identification of emerging trends etc (see image 3).

Instant Excel Reporting

Throughout MKinsight on screen reports can be grouped and instantly exported to Excel – this covers a very wide range of data including the status of all current / past audits, the status of Actions / Recommendations etc.

Section Specific Reports

MKinsight has an increasing array of reporting capabilities for each section of the application with a series of predetermined reports that have been designed based on the feedback of Users groups over a number of years.