Key Functionality: Recommendation / Action Tracking

MKinsight has a fully integrated Action / Recommendation tracking system.  For example, when an Action / Recommendation is created within the Electronic Working Papers it is, at the end of the audit, automatically transferred into the Action / Recommendation Tracking system (see image 1).  This eliminates any need for copy / pasting etc. 

The life of an Action / Recommendation is mutually exclusive from that of the Audit.  Even when an Audit is completed in MKinsight the Actions / Recommendations live on making continuous / timely follow-up simple and straight forward.

Each Action / Recommendation can have a range of related information such as Priority, Category, Dates, Owners, Free Text Fields, Management Comments, Attached Documents etc.  The User can configure the on screen View of an Action / Recommendation to make it easy to use and eliminate unwanted fields. 

Actions / recommendations can also be grouped into hierarchies within discreet Action Plans that can themselves be monitored for completion etc.  Also Actions / Recommendations can have dedicated Alerts to trigger an email to a responsible party.  Examples of email alerts include notifications that a deadline has been missed and at an earlier stage if a deadline is approaching with 10 days to go 6 days to go etc.

line access to monitor and update their own Actions / Recommendations (browser based, no software required).  The fields that such a User can update / modify is fully configurable within MKinsight. 

On screen filtering, sorting, grouping along with a dedicated suite of reports (eg. Ageing analysis - see images 2 and 3) and automatic extraction to Excel make MKinsight’s Action / Recommendation Tracking system very flexible and very powerful tool in enabling easy monitoring and reporting over time.