Key Functionality: Performance Reporting

In addition to Performance Reporting for each individual Audit, MKinsight has a a comprehensive Performance Reporting capability
to enable Users to compare the Performance of either all or part of the Audit Team against all or part of any Annual Plan within the system (see image 1).

Performance Reports can be generated monthly, quarterly, or an ad hoc basis. They can be printed directly and, or exported directly to Excel (as is the case throughout MKinsight) (see image 2).

System wide Performance Reports include analysis of:

  • Planned vs Budgeted time
  • Budgeted vs Actual time
  • Planned vs Actual time
  • Budgeted vs Actual Expenses
  • Budget vs actual costs based on daily rates
  • The number of Audits at each stage (e.g. Completed) by Month
  • The number of Live Audits at the end of each Month
  • The achievement of Key Dates / Milestones by Audit Manager and Lead Auditor
  • The achievement of Key Dates / Milestones by Audit Universe
  • Number of Audits Completed vs Annual Plan