Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does provide integrated functionality?

    Yes, MKinsight works on SQL server database and is NOT a series of different bolted together applications / databases.

  • Is MKinsight current technology?

    Yes, MKinsight is a .Net application that uses web enabled capabilities but is not web dependent.

  • Can I work off-line?

    Yes, MKinsight has been specifically designed to allow seamless off-line working.

  • Can MKinsight deal with conflicts created by offline working?

    Yes, MKinsight is unique in its ability to resolve in simple, easy to use ways any conflicts that could arise from multiple people working on the same working paper offline at the same time.

  • Does MKinsight support different languages?

    Yes, MKinsight already supports English(UK), English(US), French, French(Can), Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Russian, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Swedish and Georgian - additional languages can be provided at any time within a 3 week period.

  • How does Morgan Kai undertake the development?

    All development work is undertaken by our own in-house development team – no development work is outsourced.

  • Will Morgan Kai add any new functionality for me?

    Yes, MKinsight has been built to specifically deliver the required functionality of teams across the World based on specific requests and feedback from our Global User Community – Morgan Kai has a specific policy never to charge for development work – all new functionality developed for one customer is automatically then made available via the next release to all other customers of MKinsight

  • Can my existing data be migrated into MKinsight?

    Yes, this is a standard part of many implementations.

  • How long will it take to implement MKinsight?

    On average the elapsed time from the date of decision to purchase MKinsight is in the region of 6 to 8 weeks – this can be shorter or longer depending on the nature of the audit team and its short term priorities.

  • Do I need a special IT infrastructure?

    No, MKinsight does NOT require unique technologies and ease of use is enhanced by an optional hosting service.

  • Do I have to host with Morgan Kai?

    No, you can make use of Morgan Kai’s hosting service or choose to host the system internally – the choice is yours.

  • What does an implementation typically include?

    MKinsight follows a standard Prince 2 methodology to formalise and standardise the process – further details regarding our Implementation Methodology can be provided on request.    

  • Is MKinsight aimed at small or large teams?

    Both - MKinsight is used around the World by Government and Corporate audit teams from one to several hundred. In January 2010 Morgan Kai launched MKinsight's Subscription Service in response to rising demand from both individuals and small teams who need access to industry leading software without the capital outlay often associated with competing products.

  • Does MKinsight provide tickmarks and hyperlinking?

    Yes, in the latest version of MKinsight unique tickmark and hyperlinking functionality has been included to enable tickmarks to be used within the Working Papers and within any Word documents or Excel spreadsheets.  In addition, hyperlinking allows links to be made from anywhere within the Working Papers to any location in either Word documents or Excel spreadsheets thereby enabling precise cross referencing.

  • Does MKinsight use a powerful report engine?

    Yes, with the introduction of Version 10.0 MKinsight has introduced a uniquely powerful dedicated reporting tool designed to enable a vast array of reporting including the ability to produce bespoke Draft Audit Reports directly into a pure.docx Word document.  This moves MKinsight's reporting capabilities beyond those available from older industry stanadards such as Crystal reports.

  • Does MKinsight support my language characters?

    Yes, as a .Net application MKinsight supports ALL character sets in ALL languages such as Arabic, Chinese etc.  This extends to include right to left text where this is the standard.

  • Which Versions of SQL Server are supported?

    MKinsight fully supports SQL 2008 R2 and above.

  • Is the information in my Working Papers secure?

    Yes, for example when working off-line all data stored on your local machine is held in a fully encrypted format - this also includes any attached documentation / audit evidence.  Audit Work can also be backed up off-line onto other media such as a memory stick again in a fully encrypted format.

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