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Morgan Kai Group

With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, Morgan Kai is exclusively an independent software vendor specialising in providing leading edge Audit Management Software to both public and private sector organisations across the World.  With its own in-house development team and no development or support activities outsourced to third parties Morgan Kai has been able to couple leading edge rapid development technologies with unparalleled customer service.  As the fastest growing specialist provider of Audit Management Software in the world today, Morgan Kai has developed deep core structures and processes which ensure customer needs are directly reflected in all aspects of software design and development.

A Message From The CEO

Paul Gascoigne BSc (Hons) ACA Paul Gascoigne BSc (Hons) ACA

As CEO and co-founder of Morgan Kai I remain humbled by the long term trust placed in both our MKinsight Audit Management Software, and our people, by our global customer base who represent a unique collective of audit management professionals committed to the highest standards.

To have developed long term relationships with audit teams in over 75 countries, whilst at the same time sustaining rapid organic growth, is testament to our uniquely functionally rich, and easy to use MKinsight software that has led us on a journey which sees us not just converting audit teams that have never used such software but also the chance to replace an ever increasing number of our competitor’s systems.

This short message is my opportunity to thank both our customers for their challenge and loyalty in facilitating our unique journey, and most important of all to my team of staff world-wide who work with tireless enthusiasm to facilitate MKinsight’s journey into every industry on the planet, and to all corners of the world.

Yours sincerely

Paul Gascoigne

Strategic Direction

Morgan Kai's strategic direction is clear and simple – we aim to deliver, with enthusiasm and professionalism, the best Audit Management System in the World resulting in MKinsight becoming, over the medium term, the natural choice for audit teams in any industry and any country on the planet.